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Roads, Rivers, and Rails - Volume II
Roads, Rivers, and Rails
Rails Along the East Branch
Railroads Over Time
Scenes Along the Rails
   - Scenes Along the Rails VOL1 - Part 1
   - Scenes Along the Rails VOL1 - Part 2
   - The Rutland Railroad
The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad's Syracuse Division
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SCENES ALONG THE RAILS is the anchor title of a continuing series of books devoted to the exploration of northeastern railroads in the 1875-1925 era. Period photographs, many appearing in print for the first time, feature stations, motive power, freight and passenger trains, community and trackside industries, "main street" views, and vacation retreats. The regional development of each line is summarized to provide historical background. Wrapped around the pictures, the main text is made up of descriptive captions that personalize and add depth to the given scenes. Detailed maps are included for quick reference.

Volume I explores the anthracite region of northeast Pennsylvania. THE DELAWARE, LACKAWANNA & WESTERN RAILROAD'S SYRACUSE DIVISION is our first entry into New York State. Information about each title is presented below.

This series is printed on acid-free 80# gloss enamel paper in a hardbound format with a dust jacket. Prices are indicated under each book's individual description. Autographed copies are available only on direct sales or at shows. All books produced by Depot Square Publishing are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

Last updated: 2/5/2010