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A Pennsy Diesel Power Review (DSP) - hardcover w/djAdd to cart:
Author: Paul Carleton BKID: 1622
Publisher: D. Carleton Books  
List Price: $0.00 Our Price: $65.00
This is a USED copy. This book covers everything you wanted to know about Pennsy's diesel fleet.Segments of pictorial cover places like Duncannon, Altoona, Horsesshoe Curve, railfan excurions/fantrips. Mostly b&w images with a few color images. This is a single copy in VERY GOOD condition overall with an archival cover for good measure. What soiling there is on the cover appeara to have been absorbed by teh archival cover. This is an overall clean copy.

American Express, A Century of Service (DSP) - hardcover w/djAdd to cart:
Author: Alden Hatch BKID: 1655
Publisher: Doubleday & Company  
List Price: $0.00 Our Price: $40.00
This is a USED copy. Hatch wrote the definitive hisotry of AMEX through 1950 including the men that built the company, and its role in the world. Hatch was widely known for his biographies of Eisenhower, Roosevelt, and Patton. This single copy is in GOOD condtion for its age (1950 printing). The case and paper is in VERY GOOD shape considering use and age. The dust jacket is only FAIR due to one small piece missing, some chipping, and overall wear but it is wrapped in an archival cover which will protect it. 287 pages.

American Locomotive Engineering -- Companion Text (LK) - hardcover w/djAdd to cart:
Author: G. Weissenborn BKID: 1636
Publisher: Glenwood Publications  
List Price: $0.00 Our Price: $60.00
This is a USED copy. This 227-page companion contains a complete text history on American steam in support of the first volume. These books were printed on light cream-colored offset paper. This single copy is in GOOD condition insofar as the case the pages. The dust jacket is POOR-FAIR at best with several chips missing and a large tape repair to the front of the DJ.

American Locomotive Engineering (LK) - hardcover w/djAdd to cart:
Author: G. Weissenborn BKID: 1635
Publisher: Glenwood Publications  
List Price: $0.00 Our Price: $50.00
This is a USED copy. This January 1972 third printing is a reprint of the original which dates back into the last 1800s. It contains scores of side elevation drawings of steam engines plus cutaways of numerous section of that particular locomotive. This is a single copy. The case and contents are in VERY GOOD condition; the paper dust jacket is FAIR with several chips missing plus light soiling. 9 1/4 x 12 1/4" dimenions.

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen (DSP) - hardcover Add to cart:
Author: Walter McCaleb BKID: 1654
Publisher: Albert & Charles Boni  
List Price: $0.00 Our Price: $40.00
This is a USED copy. The description of the contents is the same as the other listing for the same title. The main exception is that this is signed by "A. F. Whitney" himself as a presentation copy to "my friend, John C. Ingram." The condition is just as OLD as our other copy. The paper has aged to a light tan color. The case is in better condition than our other copy with less cover wear, but the front inside endsheet is opartially split. That does not affect the binding.

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